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Here at Texas Outdoor Power Equipment, we service all brands and will fix everything we can, regardless of where you purchased it. We want our customers to recieve good, quality service for their outdoor equipment. By bringing your items in, we can offer a tune up, repair, or other fixing methods that bring your equipment to its working condition.



We understand it is frustrating when your outdoor equipment fails to complete a job. Fortunately, we offer repairs for items such as a carburetor and other things. Stop by or call us if you have a question on our repairs for outdoor power equipment.



Someties your outdoor equipment just needs to be fixed up a bit, and that's okay. Tune-ups might be just the thing you need to get your equipment running better than before.



If you would like more information on other services that we offer, don't hesitate to ask us! Calling or just stopping by with your equipment could make a big difference.

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